What is The Rekt League?

The Rekt League is a competitive League of Legends community for players who are looking more from the game than the traditional ladder climb. Over the course of a 7-week regular season and 3-week playoffs, 8 teams duke it out in a best of 2 format. But really The Rekt League is a lot more than that. It’s the players, the community, the casters, the memes, and the experiences that come with playing a game competitively. Storylines form as the seasons progress, history is written each game, outplays are praised, misplays are common. We by no means are the best players in the game, but over the course of the season you’re forced to grow as a team and player or find yourself being outclassed. Being part of The Rekt League is more than just an online experience we want to give players the chance to meet, interact, and celebrate with each other at our end of season awards parties. It’s one thing to talk to people online you don’t know, but in our opinion it’s an even more rewarding experience to meet the people you’ve played against and with for week

Why Join?

Has League of Legends has gotten stale playing solo queue? Want to meet new people? Want to see yourself praised or meme’d on our live broadcast? Want to go in with the boys (or ladies)? Want a taste of what it’s like to play on an organized team? If you answered “Yes” to any or all of these then THAT’S why! If you answered “No” to all then I’m sure there’s another reason you want to join.

Who Runs the Show?

The Rekt League is organized and broadcasted by an outstanding group of individuals known to many as, The Founding Fathers. These 5 men have dedicated their personal lives to bring you the Rekt Experience. Everything from running the broadcasts to maintaining the website, these gentlemen do it all FOR THE PEOPLE.

How to Join?

So you want to join The Rekt League? Easy! Just shoot an email over to therektleague@gmail.com saying that you want in on a piece of the glory and depending on where we are in the current season or in the off season we’ll hopefully be able to get you onto a team or put you on a list for the next season. Keep in mind, we do have a limited number of teams we can manage, but if we find that there’s a ever growing interest in the League we are open to expanding!

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