We are an amateur competitive League of Legends tournament league. Since 2017, we have been streaming and producing biannual tournaments. What started off with humble beginnings as a group of friends has grown into an 8-10 team bracket, and a full stream production crew for every single game. We are dedicated to producing high quality content and a competitive, but most importantly, fun tournament atmosphere and community.

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Team Infernal is hot. SO HOT that they had the perfect season in Season 4 and have since been the "Rekt League Villains". Built on the power duo of Shoe and Szabel this team rolls teams through good laning and strong macro. Infernal’s late game is inevitable.


Does friendship get you moist? Then look no further than Team Ocean aka The Crowd Favorite. With Oscar worthy hype videos, lovable personalities, and an overwhelming tidal wave of teamwork, Team Ocean does not care about how good you are, they are just going to play their game. Look for them grouped as five and smacking nerds.


Contrary to their name, Team Air does NOT blow. The first team to win multiple seasons (3 and 5), the core trio of Icicli, Shoemaker, and Dainty Taco have rotated positions but maintained a similar identity. With aggressive roams, insane team fighting, and flexible drafts, opponent's hopes of victory simply vanish into thin air.


Built with a strong mix of new faces and old favorites, Team Mountain always makes for a rock solid opponent. They have strong threats in every lane, and are known to snowball leads across the map. You never know if you're going to get the pebble or the boulder.


After a heroic Season 2 win, Team Scuttle Crab has been trying to relive the magic through friendship, teamwork, and sweaty pits. The world is their river, and if you don't watch out they will scuttle their way into your hearts.


Where other teams mix and match their players every season, Sentinels have been playing almost the same roster since Season 2. Whether they break out the skin theme comps or off-meta top laners, Sentinels usually find themselves near the top of the standings.


Born in the backseat of a Greyhound bus, Pickle Popper was born to be a Bramblin’ man. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, a Rekt League champion's title has eluded them narrowly every season. With an aggressive early game and unique picks, Team Brambleback often get an early lead. It’s just up to them if they want to give it back.


Whether you think they are Raptors, Chickens, or any other type of feathery friend, Team Raptors are not as soft as they look. They have been playing as a team since long before the Rekt League, and bring some serious experience and strong early game plays. Cluck cluck!



Do you love competing? Are you tired of the lonely grind on the solo-queue ladder? Do you ever wish you could play in a tournament and show off your sick skills on stream? Ever had a hype video you wanted to edit but no one to watch? Problem solved! Join us, fulfill your wildest dreams, and make this community your home!


This is where we communicate almost all updates about the league, and the best way to find friends to game and/or team with.

Watching the stream on game day is a great sneak peak into the Rekt League, come see what all the hype is about!

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