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Rekt League Intro


We want the Rekt League to be an environment in which players of varying skill levels can play in an organized and competitive environment with their friends. The goal of this league is to bring a level of professionalism, production value, and structure to players. We want to give people an experience/community they want to be a part of. While we know there are issues with creating competitive environments including players of varying skill levels, our goal is to mitigate as many of those issues as possible to allow for friends to play together.

Honor Code

Certain things come along with the skill diversity that makes the Rekt League great, including the opportunity to take advantage of it. When there is a rule in place, sometimes it can be easy to get around, but it is there for a reason. Most are there to ensure that everyone can have a good experience, regardless of skill level.

League of Legends is a game we take fairly seriously, which naturally brings frustration during competition. That being said, our rules and standards are honor based. Meaning, we trust in players/teams to be honest with us about player-facing issues such as registering all accounts, account sharing, smurfing, etc. Punishments for violating our rules are detailed further, later in this rulebook.

Why it Works

The Rekt League works because we are a league of players who respect the other players and teams in the league not just as players, but also as people. We strive to be a positive community where people can throw some smack talk around, but are always able to say “GG WP” and tip the hat to the other team. We aren’t about putting individuals on blast in the Facebook group or making your team uncomfortable when you say stuff in bad taste in your games. The goal is to not be a D-Bag to your team or to the community and keep things fun and tasteful. In addition, it works because we do have what might seem like arbitrary or stricter rules than other leagues when it comes to roster balance, roster lock, and subs. But, we believe that by having these rules we can allow people to go into games feeling like they can be reasonably prepared for their matches. Keep in mind, none of us are LCS level and we’re not practicing 11 hours a day on counter picks and versatility. We reasonably expect teams to practice once to a couple times a week and have some weekly discussions about the weekend matches, but at the end of the day this is for fun and not our jobs.

3rd Party Help

  1. The Rekt League has no way of monitoring if you’re using any kind of 3rd party software that’s designed to give you in-game advantages. So if you are thinking about using any, ask yourself “why am I doing this?” and then just don’t.
  2. Anything that breaks Riot’s ToS, OR would get you banned, is not allowed in the Rekt League.

Rekt League Format

Regular Season

Conferences and Game Days

Best of Two

Each MATCH will allow a 15 minute grace period.

When the first game in a match is completed, after the producer returns from break, they will start a 15 minute timer, this will be the grace period to field a roster for the second match.

All champions trades must be completed before the 20 second mark after all 10 champions have been locked in (LCS rule)

Side selection is determined by win %. The team with the lower win % chooses which side they want for game 1, then for game 2, the sides are swapped. *Note: A tied win % results in a coin flip determination

Pauses: each team is allowed half of the total pause timer (15 min total pause time for each team).


See the Season 7 schedule here.


Playoff Seeding

Playoff Structure

Special Playoff Rules

In playoffs, our main goal is to make sure that all games get played and are as competitive as possible. We tend to be more lenient around emergency situations to allow teams to have a satisfying conclusion to their season.


***Please do not change your main account summoner name, it messes up the casters and people trying to research. If you change the name of one of your alternate accounts, make sure that you update the name on your profile ASAP. Failing to do so will result in your account becoming an Unregistered Account. See Punishments section for details.***

Ranked requirements

New Players - There are two ranked requirements that must be completed before a new player is allowed to sign up for The Rekt League

Returning Players

Roster Lock

Roster Lock Deadline

Submitting a Roster

Roster Balance

League ELO Average

ELO Value

Roster Average ELO

Player ELO Value


General Substitute Rules

Each team is allowed to lock in a single substitute each week, called a Scheduled Substitute. Each week you can lock in a 6-man roster!

Emergency Substitutes

Roster Additions/Movement

Trade Deadline: Players who are on a team by the Trade Deadline cannot join another team for the remainder of the season.

Roster Freeze: Teams cannot add any new players for the remainder of the season after Roster Freeze

Roster Changes

There are no limits to the number of trades for teams or players

Game Day


All teams are required to be in their voice channel in the Rekt League Discord during Rekt League games. Only the 5 players playing are allowed in that channel during champ select or in game.

As someone not playing, you may only communicate with the players between games, you may not join their Discord channel, send ingame messages, or communicate in any other way with players during the games. See Punishments section for details


For the sake of us making content, players being able to feel like they earned a win fully, and the belief that throws can happen, we ask you not to surrender games. Everyone invests time to be at the game; from the casters, to the viewers, to the other team's players. Don’t waste their time by surrendering.


Playing with an Unregistered Account

Unregistered Account

Unregistered Account Categories

Category 1 Unregistered Account - Punishments

Category 2 Unregistered Account - Punishments

Unregistered Category 3 Account - Punishments

Roster Lock

Missing roster locks results in punishments as follows:

These punishments only apply during a week that a roster lock was missed.

Only first round bans are affected.

This only applies to the regular season

Communicating with In Game Players

If a non-player is found communicating with a player during one of their Rekt League games, depending on the severity of any information or other advice given, punishments can range up to expulsion from the league.

Just don't do it, man.

Roster above the ELO Limit

If a team (including substitutes) is absolutely unable to field an eligible roster on game day, that team forfeits the entire match.

Toxicity in zombie scrims/inhouse events

Aggressive verbal harassment, intentionally feeding, or griefing zombie scrims may result in a personal 1 week ban from the league.

Changing your summoner name

If you change your summoner name mid season and don't update your profile, you run the risk of our tournament codes rejecting your new summoner name on game day.

If you do change your summoner name UPDATE YOUR PROFILE IMMEDIATELY. If you don't then other teams won't be able to research your account. If you fail to update your account name before that weeks game day you will be suspended for that week and so on until you fix the account name.

Code of conduct

Toxicity is not allowed. Between teams or between players. Know your audience.

No hate speech

Toxicity in any form from a Team Rep is further prohibited. Team reps are expected to know and uphold this rulebook in its entirety

Reporting players toxicity is well within Rekt League players rights, all players should feel able to reach out to any league admin for more information.

Lane Swaps

A lane swap is defined in The Rekt League as a player selecting a champion in champ select and opting to start the game in a different position. Based off how early laning phases can have large impacts on the game teams could abuse lane swaps to put their players into match ups against lower ELO players to funnel more gold into them. While we want to encourage players to play their style, The Rekt League is balanced around ELO values and being able to prepare for your match ups ahead of time. Not knowing if you're going to start off the game laning against a Diamond player as a Silver creates a frustrating game experience.

However, we do recognize that the meta shifts and sometimes rotating players around the map to apply pressure to objectives is just good League of Legends.

The Rule: Lane swaps pre-5 minutes (when turret fortification falls) are NOT allowed. You must spend more time in your lane than any member of your team who is not assigned to that lane. Junglers are excluded from this.


First offesnse is two missed bans in your next series. Second offense is a match loss for the game the offense occured. If this happens during a playoff series we will take the time to review after the match and apply the punishment to the next applicable game.


We don’t have “solo lane” as a role, your role is mid lane or top lane.

Play the role assigned to you during the roster lock in every Wednesday.

You can play a different role every week, as long as you are locked in as that role on the Wednesday roster lock.

The Reality of Competitive Play


Our pick/ban uses the client tournament draft system (3 bans per team, 3 picks per team, 2 bans per team, two picks per team; with Blue side having first pick, Red side last pick)

The pick/ban phase of a game should be used to help mitigate player/role skill differences, don’t just ban the OP’s of the patch. Do your research to get your Silver 3 player a sick counterpick!

If you are a 1 trick pony, expect your 1 trick to always be banned. This is the reality you’re going to have to live with in competitive play, over performing and climbing to a high rank on a single champ doesn’t mean a whole lot when the other team has 5 bans.

Consider 2 tricking?

Memes and Trash Talk

The Rekt Leagues opinion about trash talk align with Team Liquids ADC, Doublelift in an interview he had with The Shotcaller. Full quote as follows:

Speaking to your notoriousness, you’ve been renowned to be a trash talker. Do you think this is necessary within the league? Do you think more players should embrace the art of trash talk?

I think talking trash is fun for the viewers and fun if you enjoy having extra pressure on yourself to perform. A lot of people go about it wrong. They’re waiting until after they win, like, “haha that team was shit”. It’s like when Jensen beat us and he tweeted…well…this is why everyone memes his tweet, “I thought Team Liquid were supposed to be good”, AFTER they beat us.

In my opinion, the best way to trash talk is before the match because you’re betting that you could be wrong. When you say we’re going to shit on these guys, we’re going to beat them and it’s gonna be free…then you open up yourself to be wrong and looking like an idiot, while also opening up the possibility of being right and being cocky, yet you can back it up. Someone that waits for a win and kicks them while they’re down, it’s not cool. That’s not even trash talk, that’s just being an asshole. I try to trash talk before the game to bring hype. After you see your favorite player win, kicking someone while they’re down, that’s not hype, that’s just…eh? That doesn’t make me feel good personally.

Full article can be found here

The reality of trash talk is it’s great when done correctly, and makes you look like a huge douche when it’s not. So trash talk and meme your enemy before the game! Remember, it's a game, and the Rekt League is a bunch of real people so don’t kick them when they’re down.


New and reworked champions must have been available for 7 days before being played in The Rekt League.

Rekt League Subscriptions

In order to be eligible to play in Rekt League events, unless the event details specifically says otherwise, players will be asked to pay The Rekt League Membership subscription fee. You will be billed monthly for $2.99 starting the day you subscribe and charging you a month from that day (not at beginning of the month). This goes for ANY rostered player playing in The Rekt League, Sub Leagues, TFTuesdays etc.

Players WILL NOT be eligible to be locked in if they have not paid their subscription. We ask that you do so before your match. If a player does not or refuses to pay the fee, then the team cannot play them and has to use an emergency sub.

Canceling Subscriptions

You are more than welcome to cancel or suspend your subscription during the months you are not engaging in The Rekt League. To do so, if you signed up with Paypal click here and manage your subscription.

If you didn't use a Paypal account, fear not! As of right now we have to do this manually on our end so please either reach out to an Admin in Discord or email saying you'd like to cancel or suspend your subscription and we can take care of that. If for some reason you incur fees due to our slowness to respond all extra fees will be reimbursed in full.


The rules are not a finished product! When needed things will change! When discovered, rules will be added! Even after 7 seasons, we’re still learning! We experiment and figure out what works and what doesn’t. We don’t have teams of analysts ready to pounce on the best methods to run a skill diverse League of Legends tournament league. But one thing is certain, we will Rekt this book into shape.

Money that gets paid to The Rekt League is non-refundable, but mugs are forever. Cheers!